Mystic Healing Arts

In Seattle Sensual Touch, often mis-termed sensual massage, erotic massage, sexual massage, full body massage, fbst, fbsm, is actually known by the term Sensual Touch, Sensual Reiki, or an introduction to Tantra practice.

In Seattle, and Washington State in general, massage is a therapeutic practice that requires a license. Sensual Touch professionals are usually trained to express the art of Tantra and other energy methods to awaken your entire body to the sensation of different levels of touch.

Traditional therapeutic massage addresses issues of physical or emotional trauma, erotic massage addresses issues of desire and sexuality, while full body Sensual Touch and Tantra address the psychological issues of conditioning and ego development.

Sensual Touch is a practice that incorporates Sensual Reiki, ancient Tao techniques, introductory Tantric techniques, and many other modalities of touch and energy work.

Please be aware that sexuality and sexual gratification are not aspects of Sensual Touch. Sensual Touch is more of a nurturing and life affirming practice. There are no "happy endings".

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